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Unlock additional funds for your school

This spring schools received £400m of additional capital funding from the Department for Education to spend on infrastructure and ICT equipment. This funding equates to £10,000 for an average-sized primary school. 

Governors have an obligation to demonstrate best value from this additional DfE funding, so a new scheme which can add £5,000* to your school funds has to be of real interest.

This new programme, bought to you by Discovery Education in partnership with HP, means that when you buy new devices for your school, you can trade in old equipment to raise money. This money can then be used to buy Discovery Education teaching and learning solutions – effectively for free.

See how a primary school in Cheshire made a real difference for its pupils by trading in old devices to deliver 21st century learning experiences.

Your first step is simple: register with Discovery Education and we'll guide you through the process. Once completed, you can access a range of free trade-in promotional materials to help you make the most of the programme. 

*£5,000 is the average trade-in value expected by HP in 2019

6 simple steps to FREE teaching resources 

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Purchase your devices via 

the Probrand marketplace

Step 5

Access trade-in promotional materials

Step 3

Choose your FREE Discovery Education 

resources to buy with your credits

Step 6

Make your claim within 30 days of purchasing a qualifying product


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