New capital funding from the DfE has accelerated the opportunity for schools to replace old PCs or expand their IT capacity.

Make your IT budget go further

If you're replacing or upgrading your school's ICT equipment buying through the Discovery Education and Probrand marketplace means that you can get much more from the money you would have spent anyway, by trading-in your old equipment at the same time to earn HPfE rewards.

To participate in the programme, your school needs to purchase qualifying HP devices. To make it really straightforward we’ve partnered with Probrand to build a unique marketplace which allows you to source the equipment you’re after online.

*£5,000 is the average trade-in value expected by HP in 2019

Buying through this marketplace ensures that your chosen products are in stock, you’re getting the best price possible and that your new equipment allows you to participate in the trade-in programme

Once you’ve purchased your new devices you'll be able to trade-in your old equipment and potentially raise an additional £5,000* for your school to purchase Discovery Education solutions. 

Register with Probrand now

The Discovery Education and Probrand marketplace allows you to access the latest education products, bundles and solutions from HP and ensure your purchases are eligible for the HPfE trade-in scheme. Visit the marketplace now and source your new ICT equipment.  

Buying help and support 

Some people know exactly what ICT equipment they are looking for while others require a bit more guidance. Our marketplace tool makes it simple to search for what you're after and compare different options - it's like buying on Amazon. It’s that simple.

Why do I have to buy devices via the marketplace tool?

The HP for Education programme requires that you buy qualifying products from HP in order to use the trade-in programme. The Discovery Education and Probrand marketplace includes only those products which qualify for the programme and is kept up-to-date automatically.

How can I be sure I’m getting the best price?

The marketplace is linked to real time vendor systems so you know you’re buying devices that are available and at the best possible price.

How can I earn extra funds by trading-in my old equipment?

For every qualifying device you trade-in, the HP for Education programme will pay you approximately £100*. We’ve created a series of resources and promotional materials for you to send to parents and local businesses to help support your fund raising.
*exact amount is confirmed once HP have received your old equipment.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. Hundreds of schools traded-in equipment last year and HP paid out millions of pounds to support better education in schools. If you’re in the market for new equipment then you have absolutely nothing to lose!

Are we limited to how many PCs we can trade in?

The trade-in programme is a matched scheme, so buy 10 devices to trade-in 10 old devices. There’s no limit to the total you buy and trade-in so the sky’s the limit!

Is the process environmentally friendly?

Yes! All devices are dealt with to European disposal standards meaning that you’re being green as well as raising much needed new funds for the school.


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